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By filling out the contact form or subscribing the newsletter of CLUBE DA TULA, the user authorizes the use of the provided data for administrative processing and the receipt of future information (always related to our services and products). The site administrator can use that information to process products orders as well as information related to them or to the services of CLUBE DA TULA. The provided data will never be shared with other entities.

All data requested in the site is mandatory once it is necessary for a proper delivery of services to the user. The forms must be filled with true, accurate, complete and updated data. The user shall be solely responsible for any direct and indirect damage caused to CLUBE DA TULA, or to any third party, for providing false, inaccurate, incomplete or out of date information. In case the data is not provided or does not meet all the conditions listed above, the site administrator does not assure that the information and the services will completely fit the users needs.

The site uses generally accepted information security techniques, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms in order to avoid unauthorized access to data. For that purpose, the user/customer allows the site administrator to obtain data for the corresponding authentication for access.

The site administrator may use cookies when a user browses the site. In this case, the cookies used will only join an anonymous user and a computer, not providing user’s personal data. The cookies used on this site will, in any case, have a temporal character with the sole purpose of making the navigation more efficient. Cookies will never be used to collect personal information.

CLUBE DA TULA reserves the right to modify its data protection policy at its discretion, as a result of legal, jurisprudential changes, etc. If CLUBE DA TULA proceeds to any modification, the new text will be published on the same page of the site, where the user can be aware of the data protection policy.

Site users are aware of all the foregoing and accept it voluntarily.

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